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Bachelor’s Degree – Law

General law; Commercial law; Business-civil security; Security and criminalistics

Basic academic studies last 4 years and carry 240 ECTS credits.

After completing all the curricula provided in the curriculum for eight semesters, a student who chooses a diploma thesis receives a certificate of completed study program with 240 ECTS credits, namely a graduate lawyer – 240 ECTS, at the selected module.

General law

General law is a branch of law that deals with the study of general principles and rules applicable to all areas of law, such as legal procedures, sources of law, interpretation of legal acts, legal terminology, and other related issues. This area of law usually also encompasses the study of different legal systems, such as civil, criminal, and administrative law.

Commercial law

Commercial law refers to the rules governing business transactions, financial transactions, and other business activities. This branch of law typically covers rules relating to corporate law, contract law, commercial law, intellectual property, competition, and other related fields.

Business and Civil Security

Business and civil security are concerned with studying how legal rules can be applied in order to protect business and civil interests. This area of law includes the study of various legal issues concerning security, business protection, and other related topics.

Security and Criminalism

Security and criminalism are all about studying how legal rules can be applied to prevent and fight crime. This area of law encompasses the study of various legal issues concerning criminal law, criminal science, forensic science, judicial practice, and other related areas.

All these areas of law overlap and cooperate to a certain extent, which allows experts in these fields to work on complex legal issues and achieve a better understanding of legal processes and systems.