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LAW (General Law; Commercial Law, Security)

The study program is designed in accordance with the Law on Higher Education and the Bologna Declaration. Its primary goal is to provide meaningful and quality education, as well as training young professionals for quality action in the field of law and solving specific legal problems, with an emphasis on economic law subjects and general law.

Economic development is a strategic goal that every society strives for, because the strength of a state is in its economic strength and economic prosperity. Success in this field largely depends on the professionalism and ability of experts in this field. Therefore, this study program provides quality education to students in the field of legal relations. This study program contains subjects that represent a great foundation for understanding and resolving situations in the legal and commercial legal field and commodity-money relations and security in performing all types of trade in goods and capital.

Graduate lawyer of the Economic-Legal and Security Study Program for economics, judiciary and security, acquires knowledge from traditional general education and legal subjects, but the emphasis is placed on subjects that represent a good basis for understanding and resolving situations in the field of economic law and security and commodity-money relations. In this way, graduate students are given the opportunity to develop their careers primarily in the field of business law within the justice system and the business sector.

Basic academic studies last 4 years (240 ECTS credits). The second cycle (master’s study) lasts two semesters – 60 ECTS credits and the third cycle (doctoral studies) lasts three years – 180 ECTS credits.

Classes are held in small groups with mentors, through the establishment of direct contact between student and professor. Emphasis is placed on the individual, creative development of students, teamwork, acquiring practical knowledge and using modern technology. Visiting experts from the practice also contribute to the quality of the teaching process.