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Doctoral Degree – Protection

Environmental Protection; Occupational Safety; Fire Protection

Doctor of Science (from certain areas)

After completing all the curricula provided in the curriculum for six semesters, the student who defends his doctoral dissertation receives a certificate of completion of the study program with 180 ECTS credits, namely a doctor of science (from certain areas) – 180 ECTS.

Doctors of Environmental Sciences, Occupational Safety, and Fire Protection are highly educated experts who are dedicated to studying and understanding the interactions between human activities and the environment, as well as developing strategies and measures of protection.

Doctoral programs in these areas include courses in various scientific fields, including chemistry, biology, geology, ecology, physics, mathematics, engineering, sociology, psychology, and others. Students are also engaged in research in their specialized fields, using different methods and techniques to gain a deeper understanding of the environment, occupational safety, or fire prevention and control.

Doctors of science in these fields can work in various fields, including industry, public administration, non-profit organizations, research institutes, and other organizations dealing with environmental protection, occupational safety, or fire prevention and control. Their work may include the development and application of new technologies, the development, and application of policies and laws on environmental protection, occupational safety or fire prevention and control, education and education of the public on environmental issues, occupational safety or fire prevention and control, as well as supervision of the application of protection measures.