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Doctoral Degree – Traffic Engineering

Road and city traffic; Railway traffic

Doctor of Technical Sciences (from certain areas)

After completing all the curricula provided in the curriculum for six semesters, the student who defends his doctoral dissertation receives a certificate of completion of the study program with 180 ECTS credits, namely a doctor of technical sciences (from certain areas) – 180 ECTS.

Doctor of Technical Sciences of Road and City Traffic is a highly qualified expert who has acquired knowledge and skills in the field of design, development, and application of the system of road, city, and railway traffic. His job is to conduct original research, develop new technologies and approaches, and apply them in practice to improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of transport.

As a doctor of technical sciences of road and city traffic; railway traffic, you can focus on various aspects of transport, including the design and development of vehicles, the development, and application of new technologies and materials, as well as the analysis and optimization of the system of road, city and railway traffic. Your expertise in this area can be applied to a variety of topics, including reducing gas emissions, optimizing travel times, increasing traffic safety, and more.

As a doctor of technical sciences of road and city traffic; railway traffic, your job will be to carry out a high level of research and development, as well as to work in cooperation with other experts in this field, to design and apply innovative solutions in transport. Your research results can be applied in a variety of sectors, including the transport industry, public policy, scientific research, and other fields.