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Doctoral Degree – Law

Doctor of Legal Sciences (from certain areas)

After completing all the curricula provided in the curriculum for six semesters, the student who defends his doctoral dissertation receives a certificate of completion of the study program with 180 ECTS credits, namely the doctor of legal sciences (from certain areas) – 180 ECTS.

Doctor of Law is the highest academic diploma awarded in the field of law. This diploma is usually awarded after completing a rigorous legal research program and publishing original research papers in journals with a high impact factor.

To obtain a Ph.D. in legal sciences, candidates must usually spend at least three years of their research and write a dissertation that is an original contribution to legal theory or practice. The dissertation must be defended before the commission, and after a successful defense, the candidate receives a Ph.D. in legal sciences. Candidates at this level may specialize in different areas of law, such as civil law, criminal law, international law, human rights, intellectual property law and other legal disciplines.

Doctors of Legal Sciences can work in academic institutions, government agencies, international organizations, law offices, law clinics, and other organizations that require expertise in the field of law.