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Master’s Degree – Information Technologies

Information technologies; software engineering; artificial intelligence

Master of Engineers (on the appropriate module)

After completing all the curricula provided in the curriculum for two semesters, a student who has chosen a Master’s thesis receives a certificate of completion of the study program with 60 ECTS credits, namely a Master of Engineer in the appropriate module – 60 ECTS

A master of Information Technology Engineer is a person with knowledge in the field of information technologies, which she has perfected at the postgraduate level. This person is capable of designing, implementing, and maintaining information systems, as well as working on various technological projects following the business goals of the organization.

Study programs in information technologies at the Master’s degree program usually include advanced knowledge of software engineering, database, networks and security, application development, as well as other specialized courses depending on the specific program. Master of Information Technology Engineers can also be familiar with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and other similar fields.

A Master of Information Technology Engineer can be employed in a variety of sectors, including the IT industry, financial institutions, health institutions, the public sector, consulting firms, and many others. Their main responsibilities may include managing IT projects, maintaining information systems, and solving complex problems following the organization’s requirements.