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Bachelor’s Degree – Mechanical Engineering

Manufacturing machinery; Motor vehicles and engines; Mechatronics

These study programs will include technical and scientific fields in mechanical engineering, the first cycle of academic studies, and will last for four years (240 ECTS).

The student who chooses the graduate thesis after passing all the courses provided by the curriculum for eight semesters gets a certificate of the completed study program with 240 ECTS credits, namely a graduate mechanical engineer based on the selected elective courses on the selected module – 240 ECTS.

Production Machinery

Manufacturing machinery is a branch of engineering concerned with the development and application of technologies and procedures for the production of products in large series. This branch of machinery aims to increase the efficiency and productivity of the production process through the application of advanced technologies, such as computer-controlled machines, robotics, automation, and other advanced technologies.

Manufacturing engineers apply knowledge from mechanical engineering, mathematics, computer science, and other related disciplines to design and develop production processes, production lines, and machines used in production. They also work on developing quality control systems, maintaining and optimizing production processes.

Fields of application of manufacturing machinery include automotive, aerospace, energy, medical technology, food industry, and many other industries. Manufacturing engineers play a key role in the development and application of new technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Motor vehicles and engines

Students of this program receive the necessary professional knowledge and skills for running the motor vehicle maintenance system and the design elaboration of parts at the level of professional studies. Knowledge is concrete – what a person should know, and skills – what a person should be able to do.

The level of competence of professional knowledge and skills is based on knowledge of motor vehicle design, organization of service, implementation of testing technology, and maintenance of motor vehicle safety.

Based on the wide interdisciplinary knowledge gained in this study program, graduate engineers can easily and easily engage in the creative work process in various organizations.


Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary branch of engineering concerned with the integration of mechanical, electronic, information, and control systems into a single whole. Mechatronics combines various fields of engineering, including mechanics, electronics, informatics, automatic control, robotics, and others.

The goal of mechatronics is to develop innovative and efficient products and systems that combine mechanical, electronic, and computing components in order to improve the functionality and reliability of the system. Mechatronics is used in a variety of industries, including automotive, medical technology, aerospace, manufacturing, and consumer goods industries.

Mechatronics is of great importance in today’s world, because more and more products and systems are based on a combination of different engineering disciplines. Mechatronics engineers work on developing new products and systems, improving existing products and services, and increasing the efficiency and productivity of processes and production.